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Commodity Specialization Services Diversification



RADI international corporation was established, we are specializes in develop video products, the business purpose for RADI is "Consume Intellectuality, Service Sensibility".


The main project for RADI was act on behalf of LCD monitor products, and base on those LCD monitor products, we also develop touch panel, monitoring display and medical LCD display for industrial use.


Proxy video products of VIZIO TV Company.


Recurit a new team for hotel video equipment maintain and service. And set up our goods logistics and delivery center to provide a better service for our customer.


React to interactive audio and video services in the new generation, we found our subsidiary” RADI integration enterprise”, develop industrial grade digital signage equipment, operating toward commodity specialization, diversification and become professional terminal hardware supplier. We have successfully cooperate with government, famous chain shopping mall, construction industry and hotel industry.


Proxy famous commercial type, home type, professional type of computer chassis and power supplier to intensify IT channel user. React to the changing of world consumer market pattern, we successfully import VIZIO LCD TV to Taiwan’s major online shopping access, combine vertical channel and reached convenient, fast and safe consumption pattern.


Proxy the first Netcom brand in German “Level one”, and set up Netcom division to provide hotel, public space business client wireless transmission equipment technical support. We have also been rating for the TOP5000 service industry in Taiwan.


RADI cloud play software system B/S Architecture develop complete. And we provide an even more convenient and multiple way to play on our Digital Signage. In terms of hardware equipment, we develop floor style and touch style Digital Signage to expand the popularity of commercial market.


Obtain new patent”Mobile Video Wall ”, and develop IAQ indoor IAQ Digital Signage , Air Quality Guardian APP, develop ”Multi-window digital billboards” and get the patent certificate.

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